The Best Dremel for Wood Carving Reviews 2019: (Rotary Tool) Buying Guide

Dremel is a brand that many people know and trust. It creates tools for everyone and sets itself apart from others of its kind. One of the products it is best known for is the rotary tool. They’re great for a variety of jobs and projects that any person may encounter. In this article we will be breaking down the best Dremel for wood carving.

Top Rated Dremel for wood carving

  1. Dremel 4000-4/34 Rotary Tool Kit (Our Pick)
  2. Dremel 3000-2/28 Accessories Rotary Tool (Budget Pick)
  3. Dremel 4300-5/40 Rotary Tool Kit (Premium Pick)
  4. Dremel 8220-1/28 Cordless Rotary Tool
  5. Dremel 7300-N/8 Cordless Rotary Tool

Our Top Picks for the Best Dremel for Wood Carving

Our pick

 DREMEL 4000

Premium pick

 DREMEL 4300

Our top pick for the Dremel for wood carving is the Dremel 4000-4.43 Rotary Tool Kit. We believe it to be the best option for the average consumer. It has a competitive edge in terms of performance and overall capabilities. With its vast array of standout features in design, it is an ideal option for anyone looking to purchase a new Dremel rotary tool.

Best Dremel For Wood Carving Reviews

1. Our Pick: Dremel 4000-4/34 Rotary Tool Kit


  • Dimensions: 3.75in x 10.4in
  • Product Weight: 5.66ibs
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • angle-right
    Chuck Capacity: 0.125
  • angle-right
    Maximum Speed: 35000rpm

Key Features

  • 50 Accessories
  • Previous Product Compatible
  • Easily Accessible On/Off Switch
  • Hard Case
  • 360 Degree Grip

Features and Benefits

  • The dremel rotary tool 4000 features a variable speed feature. Variable speed features are great additions to any tool in that they allow you to tailor the speed to the project and what the users’ goal is.
  • This rotary tool also offers a two year warranty from the manufacturer that ensures quality performance and peace of mind to the consumer.
  • Another feature great when considering the way the product will actually operate is the long electric cord, six feet, that allows the operator plenty of room to move without having to worry about whether they will be running out of cord any time soon.
  • The slim and compact design give the tool easy maneuverability and less bulk than competitors. It really makes all the difference when doing your work and creates optimal working conditions.
  • This model features a powerful motor that easily performs its tasks and maintains the variable speeds feature. It displays a mix of high performance without the unnecessary extra size or bulk.


  • All In One
  • Accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Good Craftsmanship
  • Durable


  • Conflicting Manual
  • Motor Heat Up Quickly

2. Budget Pick: Dremel 3000-2/28 Accessories Rotary Tool


  • Dimensions: 3.25in x 8.25in
  • Product Weight: 3.24ibs
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • angle-right
    Chuck Capacity: 0.12
  • angle-right
    Maximum Speed: 32000rpm

Key Features

  • EZ Twist Nose Cap
  • Variable Speed
  • Quick Collect Lock
  • Precision Tool

Features and Benefits

  • It is compliant with past attachments by the brand so that you will not need to throw out all the other purchases you have made. This helps save money and keep the products relevant to your new addition.
  • This item has easy to change motor brushes. It involves simple steps that take little time and effort to work on. A feature like this works to prolong the lifespan of your new rotary tool and improves user experience overall.
  • Has an improved design that built on previous models while still managing to maintain a reasonable price point that doesn’t break the bank. It has been worked on with progress in mind to achieve this goal without becoming overly expensive.
  • Features an easy grip for the user to maintain a strong hold on the tool when working on projects. It is a great addition for comfort and stability when it comes to the way you are able to operate the tool.
  • Major range in variable speed. Variable speed itself is a great feature to have on a tool to tailor the function to the job you are working on but with the diverse range in settings it provides you with more options for the way you work.


  • Long Cord
  • Easy to Use
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Quiet Motor
  • Easy To Change Accessories
  • Cheaper Price Point


  • Unsturdy Material
  • Less Attachments Included

3. Premium Pick: Dremel 4300-5/40 Rotary Tool Kit


  • Dimensions: 3.75in x 10.5in
  • Product Weight: 4.95ibs
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • angle-right
    Chuck Capacity: 1/32in
  • angle-right
    Maximum Speed: 35000rpm

Key Features

  • Three Jaw Chuck
  • Pivot Light
  • Variable Speed
  • Brush Replacing Capability
  • 1.8amp Motor

Features and Benefits

  • This model in particular has been designed to improve the air flow of the tool. This results in a motor that runs less hot and is generally quieter than competitors.
  • The variable speed not only allows the consumer to match the pace with the task, but it also enhances overall performance in regards to working with the attachments.
  • According to users, the material the rotary tool is made of is very durable and solid. This is one factor that ensures a longer lifespan and provides less fragility when working.
  • Another feature is the capability to accept a wide range of attachments from the dremel family. The average customer may worry that they’ll have to throw away their already purchased attachments when getting a new dremel rotary tool, and therefore throwing away money, but this dremel rotary tool accepts most of the attachments dremel has released for other similar tools.
  • The lighting feature, which is a bonus that not all rotary tools have, is ideal for those working situations in which you need to shine a spotlight on the project you’re trying to work on. It allows for the user to work with lighting in tight spaces without the addition of another tool.


  • Durable
  • Powerful Motor
  • Good Craftsmanship
  • Wide Accessory Range
  • Included Carrier Case
  • Versatile


  • More Expensive
  • Heavier
  • Shorter Warranty

4. Dremel 8220-1/28 Cordless Rotary Tool

dremel 8220


  • Dimensions: 3.5in x 13.75in
  • Product Weight: 4.91ibs
  • Voltage: 120 volts
  • angle-right
    Chuck Capacity: .125in
  • angle-right
    Maximum Speed: 30000rpm

Key Features

  • Cordless
  • Variable Speed
  • 360 Degree Grip Zone
  • Comfort Grip
  • EZ Twist Nose Cap

Features and Benefits

  • This model is cordless which is a bit different from the items on this list we’ve shown so far. The cordless design allows the user to literally take it anywhere and work more easily in tighter spaces. Without the constraints of a cord, you can work in tighter spaces with less problems.
  • The powerful motor allows for great running and functioning at all speed settings. Less powerful motors may not be able to handle the capabilities this model possesses but, with this in mind, this Dremel rotary tool has maintained a powerful motor for these purposes.
  • Another feature of this is the battery pack which has a great combination of short charging times and longer battery life than previous models, up to 33% longer to be exact. This allows for less charging time so you can work more often with your new rotary tool than you would with other models.
  • This Dremel rotary tool comes with plenty of attachments that work for any task the buyer might want to work on and there are even more attachments available for purchase. With all these options, there shouldn’t be a situation where you won’t have the right equipment for the job


  • Solid Material
  • Portable
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Charger/Battery Included


  • Slower Speed
  • Greater Width/Bulky

5. Dremel 7300-N/8 Cordless Rotary Tool


  • Dimensions: 4.2in x 9.2in
  • Product Weight: 1.4ibs
  • Voltage: 4.8
  • angle-right
    Chuck Capacity: 0.125in
  • angle-right
    Maximum Speed: 13000 rpm

Key Features

  • Cordless
  • Two Speed
  • 1/8in Shank Size
  • LED Light Charger

Features and Benefits

  • In this model, the removable battery pack lets the operator switch out the battery for another that can be used while the original is charging. It prevents the user from having to stop or take a break when the dremel rotary tool needs to charge.
  • The lightweight design of this model is one of the reasons for its appeal to some consumers. Also called a “mini” rotary tool, it provides the user with slim and easily controlled precision due to its compactness. The size of this tool adds to the overall maneuverability and is helpful when working in small or tight spaces. It is seen as a great tool for on the go work due to its slim design and lightweight.
  • While it does not have as many speeds as some of the other models on this list, it has two speed settings that are optimal and cover a wide range of projects you could potentially want to work on.
  • The two year warranty is a feature that many find to be reassuring when making their purchase. It allows the customer less stress about whether they can be sure the tool will be good/work or not.


  • Lightweight
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Maneuverable
  • Precision Control
  • Compact


  • Longer Charging Time
  • Less RPM Speed

Buying Guide

Because of the rotary tools diverse capabilities and nature, there is bound to be a use that will come in handy for most homeowners. Their uses can range from sanding to grinding to carving which makes them a widely appealing option for those looking for versatility in their tools.

What is a rotary tool for wood carving?

Dremel creates rotary tools that provide optimal performance and ease of use. They offer variety and functionality in a compact design.

They are designed to be able to accept multiple attachments for a wide range of jobs. These rotary tools can perform tasks like carving and sanding without the unnecessary bulky design of other tools.

How does a rotary carving tool work?

Dremel rotary tools fall into the power tool family. They are designed to include multiple attachments that can be used for different jobs depending on which attachment you are using. They are small in design and handheld for easy use and maneuverability. Also, they can be a perfect complement when working on wood projects with drill presses

dremel using for carving

How to choose the best dremel carving tool


Quality should always be considered when making your purchase of a rotary tool, or anything really. Making sure your product is of good quality and made with durable materials will help ensure a longer lifespan for you tool.

Motor power 

It’s a big deal in terms of how your new tool will perform. It is, debatably, one of the main factors to consider when thinking about overall capabilities.

You want a tool with at least a decent amount of power, even for those who are infrequent users of their rotary tool, and for those more frequent users a high powered tool should be a priority.

Motor power is generally measured in amps which correspond to the amount of power drawn and rated voltage.


Versatility is another important thing to keep in mind when looking to purchase your next rotary tool. You’ll want one that accepts a variety of attachments and has compatibility with them.

The main purpose of a rotary tool is its ability to work on a wide range of projects. In other words, you’ll need a tool that can accept different attachments for a range of jobs from carving to buffing.

Speed settings

These features are incredibly important when working with a Dremel rotary tool. You want one with a selection of speed options so you can more accurately tailor the speed to the job you’re working on and how you want to work on it.

There are a number of speed setting systems that your rotary tool can possess from single speed to two speed to variable speed.

The max on variable speed rotaries is usually between 30000-35000 depending on the power the tool possesses. With two speed setting they generally have a higher and lower option to cover a few different objectives you would want to work with.

Charging capabilities 

They are also something to consider when deciding which rotary tool will best suit your needs. The two main options are both electrically powered but come with either a corded or cordless capability that requires a charging unit.

The corded option is seen as more reliable and powerful than its cordless competitor while the cordless option is seen as an option for those looking for better maneuverability.

One aspect of the cordless rotary tool is its need for a battery and charging unit. This means that you have to keep your battery charged in order to work with the tool and when it dies you will have to take the time to recharge it, putting your project on hold. But cordless options do not need this time as they are directly plugged in at all times, hence why consumers consider them more reliable.

Types of the best rotary tool for wood carving

Corded vs. Cordless

Most tools have the option of either cordless or corded, and dremel rotary tools are no exception. This is a factor crucial to the way your dremel rotary tool will be able to move and overall perform.

Corded rotary tools are seen as more reliable in terms that you’ll always have power with you but cordless also have their draws. Cordless rotary tools are seen as more convenient in a lot of ways because of their easy maneuverability without the “hassle” of the cord.

Variable Speed vs Set Speed 

Inevitably you’re going to need to consider different speed options of your tools. Set speed provides a consistent use while variable speed can be tailored to your needs depending on the job you are working on.

Flex Shaft vs. No Flex Shaft 

Flex shafts or no flex shafts are just one of the variety of variables to consider. Flex shafts are seen as more maneuverable for use though ones without them are viewed as the default.

The flex shaft is a shaft structure that is made of flexible material to extend and create better movement of the rotary tool. They are good for those wanting more freedom and flexibility of their tool and provide a great assistance to those wanting to work on a new project.

Advantages of the dremel wood engraving tools

Dremel rotary tools provide the ability to perform multiple functions with one small and easy to use tool. They are compatible with a multitude of attachments for a variety of jobs that any consumer might need to work on. Some of the most common ones are carving, sanding, and grinding.


There are an estimated 400,000 trips to the emergency room caused by power tools each year. Because of this influx in incidents, safety has never been a more important priority.

  • Keep your limbs and extremities away from the attachments when they are being used. When you think of avoiding contact with an operating machine, you may immediately think of a bladed tool but rotary tools should be treated with the same amount of precautions.
  • Maintain your work space and keep it clean. A well cared for workspace keeps your station neat and the lack of disorder will prevent a number of unnecessary accidents that can be caused in a more cluttered setting. In order to keep up with this, many tool owners try to clean or tidy up their work station after each use/project that way the clutter doesn’t accumulate.
  • Wear goggles to protect your eyes. A number of the attachments you will be using can result in flying debris or pieces when they’re performing their designated task. Eye protection is one of the most important safety precautions to consider when working with tools.
  • Before cleaning your tools be sure to always unplug the power cord in order to prevent unwanted starting that could lead to accidents or injuries. This ensures that your tool will not start while you are working to clean it and keep you safer.

Care & maintenance

Care and maintenance of your dremel rotary tool is incredibly important  in order to keep it working properly and prolong its lifespan. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your rotary tool is well taken care of.

Be sure to keep the tool clean from debris. This will ensure that it is not being worn down as quickly a it would have if it was left unattended.

For Cordless options, make sure to fully charge the battery pack each time before use.

Keep your rotary tool away from unsafe or harsh conditions when not in use. For example, don’t leave your tool out in the snow or in water. This will severely damage it and its functionality.

Tips for making the most out of your dremel wood carving kit

Chances are if you’re taking the time and effort to buy a new tool, rotary tool or otherwise, you want it to last. In order to do that, here we will be telling you how to make the most of your product.

Periodically take stock of your tool and do a quick check over it for any possible problems or issues that can be dealt with. This prevents any problems from wearing away at your tool long term if you can spot it early.

Persistent problems that go unsolved can cause more damage than any new rotary tool owner would want.

Read the manual. Every tool is different so it can be a real asset to you to look over the manual for your new tool. This will optimize your understanding and help you have more knowledge about all the great features that come with your new tool as these manuals detail everything you could want to know about your new rotary tool.

Keep your tool clean after use from debris and other unwanted things. This will help extend the life of your tool and is an important part in keeping your new tool in good working shape. It prevents unwanted debris from interacting with the parts of your rotary tool for too long and causing damage.


Q: Can a Dremel Carve Wood

A: The short answer? Yes. Dremel rotary tools are designed to be able to do multiple jobs with one tool. These tools accept multiple attachments that can perform different tasks. One of the more common of these is the carving attachment. The carving attachment allows your Dremel to carve wood for whatever project you’re working on.

Q: How To Use Dremel Wood Carving Bits

A: Dremel wood carving is an essential aspect of the rotary tool that is one of the main draws to the tool for many.

For dremel wood carving bits you will simply need to extract the previous bit and insert the new one then lock it into place.  After that you simply start the tool like you normally would and bring the bit or bur down onto the wood to start carving. It is no different from any other drill bit in terms of the execution of putting it in place.

Q: Can Dremel Cut Tile

A: Yes it can. Their are a number of specific attachments to cut through tile, one of those being the  Diamond Tile Cutting Wheel. It cuts through the tile with ease and assurance that the job will be completed.

Q: Can Dremel Cut Wood

A: Dremel tools are designed to easily work with wood. As a matter of fact, this is often the most common material associated with the Dremel rotary tool.

Q: Can Dremel Cut Metal

A: Metal may be one of the most difficult substances to work with but the dremel rotary tool can easily tackle metal cutting with the right attachments and considerations. It is designed to work with many different materials, metal included, with little hassle. Also, it can be a perfect complement when working with drill presses for metalworking.

Q: Can Dremel Cut Stone

A: Stone can be the ultimate challenger for many tools, but with the dremel rotary tool you’ll have nothing to worry about when working on a project involving stone. The dremel tool, when using the right attachment, efficiently works with this resource.

Q: Can Dremel Cut Glass

A: Cutting glass is one of the things the Dremel tool was designed for. The attachments keep this material in mind and work with it easily. Along with a glass cutting feature, there is also an etching attachment designed for glass and other similar resources.

Q: Can Dremel Cut Plastic

A: Just like the other materials in this faq, yes the dremel rotary tool can, in fact, cut through plastic. In comparison to stone, it may seem like an easier task, but this is just as important a criteria for many buyers.

Q: Can Dremel Bits Be Used In Drills

A: This question does not exactly have a clear cut answer. Some can be used in drills given the right considerations and conditions. But others not so much, especially those bits that require a higher rpm. Dremel rotary tools are different from drills in a number of way that can make matching the twos’ bits difficult and sometimes impossible for quality performance.

Q: Can Dremel Be Used as Router

A: Like the previous question, this answer gets complicated. Both Dremels and routers are spinning tools with increased rpm that can do a variety of jobs. But even with a so called router attachment on the dremel they’re still very different so keep that in mind when using one or the other.

Q: Why Won’t My Dremel Turn On

A: Problems with tools can generally be caused by a variety of things that need to be examined one step at a time.

One reason your Dremel tool may not be turning on is that it is having problems with its power source. Check the cord or battery pack to see if there are any issues with them. If you’ve done this and you’re still having troubles than also be sure to check the switch lever to make sure it is engaged.

But, besides these more common causes, there are a number of other reasons why your dremel may not be turning on that can range from many different issues. If you’re having any long term issues consider contacting your local hardware store or check the website for the manufacturer which will have a variety of possible solutions to any problem you may encounter.

Q: Why is My Dremel getting Hot

A: Generally when your dremel begins to become noticeably hot it is overheating. This can be caused by overworking your tool and using it too much at once. You may want to consider putting your rotary tool down and giving it a break to prevent damage that can be caused from persistent overheating.

Q: When To Replace Dremel Brushes

A: Dremel brushes and maintaining them are an important aspect when it comes to ensuring your rotary tool is well taken care of. Dremel strives to make the process of replacing them easy and with little hassle so you can do so consistently. It is recommended that you check your brushes every 40 to 50 hours of use.

When examining your brushes for wear, check to see if they are pitted or less than ⅛ inches in length. If so be sure to replace them.

Q: Are Dremel Bits Universal

A: For the most part, dremel bits are universal across their selection of rotary tools. They have a mostly standard size that works with most of their rotary tools, though there are a few exceptions. They have also come out with a universal adapter that helps tailor their bits to other tools not in their line.

Q: How to Attach A Dremel Flex Shaft

A: Flex shafts are an extra feature that some, but not all, Dremel rotary tools have included with them. They are attachments to your tools with a flexible shaft that are designed to provide easier maneuverability to the user.

In order to show you how to attach the flex shaft, we will be going through the steps.

  1. The first step you need to take is to unscrew the nose cap by turning it to the left. This should loosen the cap so you can remove it from the rotary tool.
  1. Next step is to press the lock button located at the head of your tool. While holding down the lock button remove the collet nut.
  1. Then, you need to place the drive nut and and secure it by turning it to the right, the opposite direction in which you loosed the nose cap.
  1. Finally thread the flex shaft attachment and make sure the outer housing is in place.

What is the best dremel for wood carvingOur Pick

Our top pick for the Dremel for wood carving is the Dremel 4000-4.43 Rotary Tool Kit. Dremel’s 4000-4.3 rotary tool kit is one of a kind with its unique design and essential features. If you’re looking for high quality performance with minimal fuss than it is definitely a tool to consider. We believe it to be the best option for the average consumer.

The Dremel 3000-2/28 Accessories Rotary Tool is a good pick for those who want a good tool at a cheaper price. With its vast array of standout features in design, it is an ideal option for anyone looking to purchase a new Dremel rotary tool.

The Dremel 4300-5/40 Rotary Tool Kit has a competitive edge in terms of performance and overall capabilities. It outperforms the competition while still being reasonably priced.

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