The Best Tile Leveling System: Buying Guide and Reviews


You will understand that installing tiles is one thing that might seem easy, but there is another task, that is, leveling them. This is where the sweating comes in and if you are having a hard time at this stage, you might want to consider investing in the best tile leveling system. This article gives you our five choices and our top pick, buying and usage guide, and how it works.

Top Rated Tile Leveling System 2019

  1. Raimondi, Leveling System Starter Kit (Our Pick)
  2. Top Home Dec Tile Leveling System DIY Tiles Leveler (Budget Pick)
  3. Peygran Tile Leveling System  (Premium Pick)
  4. 1/8" T-Lock ™ Complete KIT Tile leveling system
  5. ASIBT Flooring Level Tile Leveling

Our Top Picks for the Best Tile Leveling System

Our top pick for the best tile leveling system is the Raimondi, Leveling System Starter Kit. The kit comes with everything that you need including 100 clips, 100 wedges, and the pliers you will require to work effectively. As simple as it is packaged, that’s how it makes your work easier. The Raimondi RLS will not just get the job done, but it will be a perfect one all the time with the results being smooth and even floors and walls.

Tile Leveling System Reviews

1. Our Pick: Raimondi, Leveling System Starter Kit

Raimondi, Leveling System Starter Kit -...


  • Package dimensions: 10 x 9 x 9 inches
  • Package weight: 4.4 pounds
  • Components:
  • 100 (90 mm x 19 mm) wedges
  • 100 (1.5 mm x 1/16 inch) regular clips
  • Tile installation pliers.
  • 1/16" spacing between tile.
  • Minimum required joint: 3/32”
  • Tile thickness: - ⅛” minimum and ½” maximum.

Key Features

  • Reusable wedges
  • Pliers have special traction.
  • Anti-scratching and anti-chipping wedge base.

Features and Benefits

  • The Raimondi Leveling System (R.L.S) brings a revolution to the world of tiling since it not only makes the leveling tiles easier but it also ensures it’s done properly.
  • This product saves you time as it speeds up the tile leveling process.
  • It is versatile since it can be used for heavy, larger format, flexible, and low-thickness tiles.
  • It’s a full packed package since all you need