120 easy and affordable DIY home improvement ideas to instantly add value to your home


Whether it’s increasing the resale value of your home or enhancing the curb appeal, improvement projects add to a home’s significant value. We have assembled the following 120 easy & affordable DIY home improvement projects and ideas to help you out.

Bedroom Remodeling Ideas

Most bedroom improvement projects are not pocket-friendly. However, you can explore the following DIY ones and save some cash.

01 of 120 Open Up the Bedroom with A Large Mirror: $40

Looking at yourself in full-length mirror is fun. It also allows maximum light into the room while also opening the room more effectively. You can place the mirror on a wall directly or slightly opposite the windows for maximum efficiency.

the Bedroom with A Large Mirro

02 of 120 Repaint the Room, with the Right Colors: Under $100

Painting a bedroom can be an intriguing idea, but considering the color scheme of the room makes it even better. Therefore, going for the colors that matter to you and compliment everything in the room is even better. Remember to paint the dressers too.

Paint the Room with the Right Colors

03 of 120 Build A Daybed (With Storage): $100

A DIY, beautiful, and functional bed with storage gives a huge sense of accomplishment, yet it’s highly affordable. When free, grab your drill and a circular saw, protective gear like safety goggles, hand gloves, dust masks, and a measuring tape and get it done.

Build A Daybed

04 of 120 DIY Bedroom Closet Door Makeover: $100 

You can perform this upgrade with only a nail gun, and a table saw. Brighten the room by replacing the old and ugly bi-fold doors with cheap hollow core ones. With wooden panels for creating the base, one or two paint coatings, and inexpensive sharp hinges, your upgrade will be done.

Closet Door Makeover

05 of 120 Try A Two-Tone Wall: Under $100

If you do not love a single tone wall paint, a two-tone one will suffice. Get a couple of paint cans, brushes, and painter’s tape and get down to work. You can go for a darker color covering the bottom half then do a few shades lighter on the top portion of the wall or do it sideways.

Try A Two Tone Wall

06 of 120 Upgrade to A Beadboard Ceiling: $60

A beautiful bedroom décor can be ruined by a hideous popcorn ceiling. A beadboard ceiling can, however, is an elegant yet inexpensive solution. Grab some beadboard from your hardware store, measure it out against the roof, and cut it to fit.

Upgrade to A Beadboard

07 of 120 Headboard Makeover: $100

A sleek headboard would add elegance to your bed and bedroom too. It is an idea that will not cost an arm and every handy homeowner with some spare time can get it done over one weekend.

Headboard Makeover

08 of 120 Build and Elegantly Tufted Bench: Under $40

A bench is not only for sitting on but also improving the appearance of a room. If you cannot buy from stores like Amazon, you can make one using unused wood.

You only need a brad nailer or hammer, nails, saw, sander, and paint. You can then make tufted benches for storage purposes too.

Elegantly Tufted Bench

09 of 120 Halogen Track Lighting: $150

Such lights can be used in a decorative and practical way of putting light exactly where it is needed. You can install them for highlighting objects and pictures. Alternatively, you can hang pendants around the room for brightening work surfaces, if you prefer grabbing a book to read before sleeping.

Halogen Track Lighting

10 of 120 Overhead Light Upgrade: $60

Drum shades have been the in-thing for long, even now. Even though most are expensive, you can visit craft or hardware stores and grab some affordable supplies for a cheap yet beautiful shade.

Overhead Light Upgrade

11 of 120 Full Storage Bed Frame: $35

Creating extra storage is crucial for children’s room to store their toys. You can upgrade their room with a full storage bed with tons of size compartments for storage. It might take extra time, but commitment, a drill, nail gun, and circular saw are all that you need.

Full Storage Bed Frame

12 of 120 Make A BookShelf for the Children’s Books: $100-200

Investing in a DIY bookshelf in bedrooms is better since you can store all books in one place. A tree bookshelf, for instance, can hold books and other objects like kid’s toys, making it a functional artwork. With a nail gun, tape measure, sander, and a circular saw plus wood blocks, you can get started.

BookShelf for the Children’s Books

13 of 120 Creating A Hidden Room: $1,500

A hidden room away is among the best bedroom remodeling ideas. If you desire that James Bond feeling of a secret agent, a secret room would be a worthy idea.

You can also make it a home office, study room, or for storage purposes. Not overly cheap though.

Hidden Room

14 of 120 Closet Storage: Under $100

A minimalist design closet is not only beautiful but also helps to clear clutter. You can grab a cheap shelving unit from your store or a used one from a trusted seller, give it a paint upgrade, and add rods for hooks and hangers, as well as attractive baskets for random objects’ storage.

closet storage under 100

15 of 120 Mirrors on Plain Closet Doors: $40/Door

This might sound like a professional task, but a DIYer can work on it effectively too. This will give you the best way of opening up the room and making the best use of natural light. Full-sized mirrors also make good practicality when you are getting dressed.

mirror plain closet

16 of 120 Adopt an Elegant Crown Molding: $100-300

If your room looks like a simple box, consider a crown molding upgrade. This involves trimming to connect walls to the ceiling and giving your room a classy touch. Crown molding can be bought from your local hardware.

Elegant Crown Molding

17 of 120 Making DIY Murphy Beds: $150

A murphy bed is great at saving space in small bedrooms, especially for children with their possessions. It can always be flipped up on the wall during cleaning or day time. On a low budget and the right tools, it is easy to make yours over the weekend.

Making DIY Murphy Beds

18 of 120 Add Blackout Curtains for Extra Touch of Elegance: Under $50/Set

Installing blackout curtains makes the room incredibly stylish while also regulating the amount of light getting in. Apart from the great look, they offer the room, the curtains block nearly all light that prevents you from getting quality sleep.

Blackout Curtains

19 of 120 Hang Art Around the Room: $50

If you are an art lover, hang some across the bedroom for inspirations or beautification purposes. Imagine a gold table lamp plus a dresser and a piece of art hanging behind them to remind you of your favorite pets, icons, or even as mementos. It will transform into a vignette rather than a simple plain surface yet, affordably.

Hang Art Around the Room

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Remodeling a kitchen is not only for professionals. A DIYer can make considerable changes yet, affordably. Check out the following ideas for kitchen improvement:

20 of 120 Handy Drawers Under the Sink Under $200

A cabinet below the sink is functional but not until you stuff too much into it at once. Drawers, on the other hand, can make finding and reaching things under the sink easy and faster. If you are handy enough, you can make such drawers too.

Handy Drawers Under the Sink

21 of 120 Work on A New Countertop Appearance Without Affordably: Under $150

If you cannot raise funds for granite countertops, you can work on yours. The results may differ, but granite paint may get the countertops a close second to granite countertops. A can of granite paint, paint brushes, and a painter’s tape are all that you need to get everything done.

New Countertop Appearance

22 of 120 Give Your Kitchen Cabinets A New Coat of Paint if they Are Worn Out: $80-100

Looking for a better DIY way of painting your kitchen cabinets like a professional? If the old paint is now shouting, “I’m ugly,” fix that quickly with a new coat of paint. It is as easy as picking cans of paint and brushes and challenging your spouse to join you.

Cabinets a Coat of Paint

23 of 120 Re-decorate the Kitchen with Some Artwork: $30

People seldom think of the kitchen when it comes to artwork. It too can go well with several tasteful pieces to add to its elegance. Do not freak out at the high costs some artwork run into because you can also assemble some cheap yet attractive ones and paint them too.

Re decorate the Kitchen with Some Artwork

24 of 120 Disguise the Whiteboard with A Picture Frame: Under $100

Is the whiteboard in need of a facelift? If yes, you can disguise it with your favorite or sentimental picture frames. Just buy some hinges and attach them by yourself and then fix the picture frames. You can now hide the unsightly appearance of shopping lists and messages.

Disguis the Whiteboard with A Picture Frame

25 of 120 Add Some Life to Your Kitchen with A New Backsplash: $50-80

If your paint is worn out, you can add a little creativity by adding a custom backsplash by yourself. Most backsplashes will go for $20-50, but they can be exceptionally functional. You can choose among them a pegboard, stencil, or beadboard backsplash to incorporate your desired ideas and get it done over the weekend.

New Backsplash

26 of 120 Faux Butcher Block Countertop: $50-100

A faux butcher block countertop comes second to a granite countertop in appearance. Since the latter is considerably costly, making yours with simple wooden planks may play for the better. You only need to fix the planks with a brad nailer and nails and then stain or paint them in an attractive manner.

Faux Butcher Block Countertop

27 of 120 Green Life in Your Kitchen: Under $20

If you are an adventurous person, why not go a little bit green in your kitchen with some floral? A few plants or herbs in old teacups or buckets may be practical and serve the purpose too. Depending on the look that you want, the space, as well as the light available, the type of plants may differ.

Green Life in Your Kitchen

28 of 120 Creative Vertical Storage for Your Baking Pans: Under $100

Most kitchens still feature a ridiculously old and short cabinet by the oven that carries way too many frying pans. The cabinet makes getting anything out difficult, but with simple and custom plywood shelves or dividers, a DIY project can change this and transform your cabinet into an easy-to-access and functional storage space.

Creative Vertical Storage for Your Baking Pans

29 of 120 Gooseneck Faucet: $60

Have you always desired to give your kitchen a special kind of attention like a designer would? If yes, why not go and buy a gooseneck faucet on Amazon or in your local store and fit it yourself? A gooseneck faucet is simply a thin and curved water outlet that adds elegance and functionalities compared to the standard faucets.

Gooseneck Fauce

30 of 120 Open Door Casing: Under $150

Modern kitchens have an open entry door(s). To make them more functional and elegant, you can add casing to the doors, a task that you can do over the weekend. Assemble a utility knife, Dremel saw max, miter saw, and a nail gun and get down to work.

Open Door Casing

31 of 120 Invest in Some Glass Cabinets: $150-200

Yes, a DIYer can work on glass cabinets by themselves and keep their budget low. Apart from lighting up the kitchen and making it more open, such cabinets also make it easy to find dishes, especially for guests. Depending on the number of dishes that you need in the cabinets, the number of cabinets may vary.

Glass Cabinets

32 of 120 Add A Beadboard Exterior to the Kitchen Island: Under $50

Have you ever thought of adding a beadboard exterior and give your cheap-looking kitchen an island looks? Well, you can do this affordably since you only need several beadboard pieces, some carpenter tools such as a basic miter saw and nail gun and a couple of hours to get it done.

Add A Beadboard Exterior to the Kitchen Island

33 of 120 Think of Pull-Out Shelves: $50-100

Improving functionality and appearance are some of the commonest remodeling ideas. These features can be brought about by making pull-out shelves to make the organization of dishes and cookware easy. You can make yours too over the holiday with your family at a low cost to add elegance and functionality to your kitchen.

Pull Out Shelves

34 of 120 Make Corner Kitchen Drawers: $100

Kitchen cabinets that meet at a corner waste a lot of valuable space. However, if you are an experienced DIYer, you can change corner cabinets to ensure you utilize the space. If you have a preferred design, you can use it too to fit your needs and space.

Corner Kitchen Drawers

35 of 120 Modernize the Kitchen Handles: $60

If you are still stuck with your 20-year-old brass handles, it may be understandable why changing them may be better. Changing them and putting on new ones will be more functional while also modernizing the kitchen. The project can take as little as a day and is inexpensive for a DIYer.

Modernize the Kitchen Handles

36 of 120 Custom Hanging Drum Lights: $20-30

Hanging drum lights are also a common and inexpensive kitchen remodeling idea. Even though light drums are sold in different stores, both physical and online outlets, a DIYer can make theirs at home. With drum lights, it is easy to focus on important areas under high ceilings.

Custom Hanging Drum Lights

37 of 120 Install Under-Cabinet Lighting: $40-50

The best and cheapest way to do this is by using pre-made under-cabinet lights. The number will depend on the areas you want them at which will also determine the total cost. However, installing them is way cheaper and easy, and a DIYer can get it done without professional assistance.

Under-Cabinet Lighting

38 of 120 Build A Rustic Wine Rack: $15-20

With a 2x4 lumber, finish, and hex bolts, you are on your way to making a rustic wine rack by yourself. The hex bolts are for holding your wine bottles in place and do not only make the rack functional but also presentable. You can also apply quality finish to some cheap wood pieces to save on costs.

Rustic Wine Rack

39 of 120 Make Pull-Out Cabinets for Extra Working Space: $50-100

Pull-out cabinets are a common option for many kitchens for saving space. If you want to spend a little bit more, you can buy some high-quality cabinets on Amazon and fix them. Alternatively, you can make yours with existing tables and then add wheels to it.

Pull-Out Cabinets for Extra Working Space

40 of 120 Upgrade the Main Appliances: $100-200

The main appliances do not always refer to the likes of stoves and fridges. Since you are looking for a low-budget remodel, you can give your stainless-steel appliances a newer touch of some liquid stainless-steel paint. Giving them a little touch up can give you a timeless and classy look.

Upgrade the Main Appliances

41 of 120 Space-Saving Spice Rack on the Side of Kitchen Cabinets: $50

If you are looking for a genius way or elegantly and conveniently way of storing spices, a spice rack may be all you need to make. This will help to take care of the supplies that may be filling your kitchen cabinets. A simple DIY frame and shelves at under $50 can be a good weekend project.


42 of 120 Space-Saving Can Organizer: $100-150

Have you run low on shelf space and don’t have enough for your cans? Get your drill and a jigsaw and make a DIYer space-saving can organizer for your favorite drinks.

Space-Saving Can Organizer

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Some of the easiest and pocket-friendly bathroom remodeling ideas for a DIYer include:

43 of 120 Installing New Handles: Under $80

Do you want to give your bathroom cabinets a facelift? If so, you may want to start upgrading the handles from the standard plain ones to modernized options. Replacing the handles takes less time, is way cheaper (depending on the number of handles) than replacing the entire vanity, and will increase the appeal of the room.

New Handles

44 of 120 Matching Set of Carpet and Towels: $30-35

You no doubt have come across a bathroom with some ugly bright pink towels and fuzzy purple mats. As a color-conscious person, this should bother you until you get a better idea like matching the towels, carpet, or mats. A nice-looking match would not go beyond $35 but will make a huge difference.

Set of Carpet and Towels

45 of 120 Rustic Wooden Shelves: $25-45

If a cottage-like feeling is what you want for your bathroom, installing DIY rusty wooden shelves may be a worthy weekend job. On a Saturday morning, take the measurements and head to your hardware store. Get some wood slabs, flanges, and caps, and some simple pipes to set the shelves up and then stain the wood for added appeal.

Rustic Wooden Shelves

46 of 120 Replace Old Flooring with Vinyl Tiles: $50-80

Replacing old bathroom floor tiles with modern vinyl ones is cheap for a DIYer who wants to uplift it from an ugly and old laminate to a more contemporary one. All you need is to dig up the old and nasty laminate, lay down the new tiles, and align them with a tile leveling system.

Vinyl Tiles

47 of 120 DIY Tub Surround with Air Stone: $50

Also, your bathroom would appreciate the appeal it would have if you added a stone exterior to the tub. While the process may seem difficult, it is a simple and quick one and won’t require you to empty your pockets. The idea utilizes air stones, cheap, light, and environmentally friendly materials and is doable even for DIYer.

Tub Surround with Air Stone

48 of 120 Make A Better Toilet Paper Holder: $10

A toilet paper roll is one of the essential items in a bathroom. Just because it has to be there does not mean it should be lying about and a nice toilet paper holder would make it even more creative. You can design one using some empty oatmeal canister plus decorative paper in a DIY process that will not exceed 10 minutes.

Toilet Paper Holder

49 of 120 Turn the Bathroom Floor into A Penny Floor: $30-50

Are you looking for a really nice and exceptional idea for your bathroom? If so, you should consider lining its floor with pennies. For a small bathroom, it is considerably cheap. For a particularly artistic homeowner, staining, cleaning, and painting the pennies prior can help to enhance the designs.

Turn the Bathroom Floor into A Penny Floor

50 of 120 Re-Paint the Cabinets: $75-100

A new coat of paint on your bathroom cabinets can completely change their appearance if done the right way. If you want to make other changes, it would be great to change the entire color scheme including the cabinets. A particular choice that is more common is a dark, earthly one because it makes the room feel even more elegant.

Re-Paint the Cabinets

51 of 120 DIY Bathroom Mirror Frame: $25-40

Here you can upgrade that old and standard clip-in mirror by framing it yourself. It is a cheap way of remodeling the bathroom since you do not need fancy tools or materials. A basic miter saw will help you to cut some cheap frame lumbers to fit the mirror, and then you can paint or stain it before fixing it using the normal adhesive.

Bathroom Mirror Frame

52 of 120 Give the Tiles A Facelift with Grout Renew: $10-20

If you have noticed that the grout (the white lines between the tiles) is fading away, it is time to save your floor from a gross and ugly look. You might have tried the most popular cleaning solutions to no avail, right? It is time you got the grout renew, which can be bought from many stores including Amazon and apply it yourself.

Give the Tiles A Facelift with Grout Renew

53 of 120 Bathroom Tile Backlash: $50

If your vanity looks a little bit of a lackluster, it would be better if you spruced it up with a beautiful and tasteful backsplash. Adding a few layers of tiling would surface for you and create a better effect at an affordable cost. If you so desire, you can stick with a small backsplash or cover the wall behind the mirror and sink entirely.

Bathroom Tile Backlash

54 of 120 Bathroom Mirror Storage Closet: Under $100

If your space in the bathroom is not enough, why not put in a bathroom mirror storage closet? It is a good way of inventing storage space for bathroom items like towels while also making the room appear even bigger. Check out different designs online and get to work on yours too.

Bathroom Mirror Storage Closet

55 of 120 New Shower Head (or New Shower): $50-100

The smaller bathroom ideas that you may rule out play an integral role in changing the appearance of the room. However, the bigger the ideas, the better the results you may have which is the case for installing new showers or shower heads. The only thing that you will do beyond yourself is going shopping for the items that you do not have and install them yourself.

New Sower Head

56 of 120 Erect A Ladder Shelf: $50

If you desire to craft a modern and unique bathroom, ditching the traditional shelving and replacing them with ladder shelves would be the best shot. Even though the shelves may take more space, they are a good option for storing towels and other bathroom items in an easy-to-reach spot. With a nail gun, nails, miter or circular saw, and timber, you can make them over the weekend.

Ladder Shel

57 of 120 Transform Your Vanity Countertop into Faux (Concrete): Under $75

Usually, a concrete countertop is a bit expensive to buy and install. What would then prevent you from making yours and transform the existing one? What you need to do on this project is just to apply a thin layer of concrete and then add some finish to create a great look on top.

Transform Your Vanity Countertop into Faux

58 of 120 Include A Bathtub: Under $500

If your pleasure is derived from soaking yourself more often, you may want to invest in a deep bathtub with arm and back support. Replacing one is not an easy task, though, but an experienced DIYer can still crack it and save some dollars. The total cost of a deep tub will be dependent on whether you want to hire a helping hand or not.

59 of 120 Build A Plank Wall: $30

Tiles are expensive and usually difficult to install even though they make the walls look exquisite. However, if you are looking for a DIY idea that is both easy and cheaper to do, installing plywood plank walls is a lot better and affordable than tiling. In addition, a plank wall will work better if you want to give the bathroom a beach or cottage feel.

Build A Plank Wall

60 of 120 Adding Seating Space: Under $50

For extra space in the bathroom, you can also make and add an inexpensive ottoman, chair, or a bench beneath the window, if your bathroom has one. You can also make benches and place them strategically in the shower if they can fit. To make the room even better, you can make the chairs and benches to match the rest of the room.

Adding Seating Space

61 of 120 Add Entertainment Features: Under $50

Do you wish to go even wilder in your bathroom? How about adding some music system like an mp3 player or small CD player on the walls and shelves for some mood-enhancing tunes? If you desire to, you can also have a small, low-voltage, and water-resistant television at a high corner if you spend considerable time in the tub.

Entertainment Feature

62 of 120 Combine Spaces: $200-300

If your bathroom was initially constructed with separate space for a bathtub and shower, you can work around and combine them into one space. A combined space can give you a spacious bath with side pocket doors, a fitting bathtub regardless of the size, and even double vanity.

Combine Spaces

Living/Family Room Remodeling Ideas

The living room is the common family room and since most of the family’s time is spent here, giving it a remodel is a superb decision. If you are on your leave days, check out some of the awesome DIY ideas you can explore with your family or by yourself.

63 of 120 Make Own Beautiful Throw Pillows: Under $30

A couch with throw pillows is so inviting. The pillows also make it worthier. Creating some unique and low-cost throw pillows will be a great way of adding personalization to your couch with just a needle, buttons, and used clothes.

Make Own Beautiful Throw Pillows

64 of 120 Add Panel to the Walls: Under $250

Do not let the large exposed wall stay like that while you can add great texture and looks to it. With thin panels from Amazon or other hardware stores, you can make the wall more useful at a lower budget and spend just a weekend on it.

Add Panel to the Walls

65 of 120 Beef Up the Doors and Window Trimming: $30-50

This is yet another low-budget idea that can transform the living room into a whole new level. You can explore it to remove the old look from the plain and cheap-looking doors and windows and to replace them with bigger, more beautiful, and expensive-looking ones.

Beef Up the Doors and Window Trimming

66 of 120 Start with A Facelift of the Fireplace: $200-400

If your living room has a fireplace, you can do a quick DIY makeover to it. For instance, you may bring down some ugly brick or rocks on it and replace them with coverings such as tiling, framing, or painting. The budget here is dependent on whether you will be purchasing some materials.

Start with A Facelift of the Fireplace

67 of 120 Create A Cottage Feel with Wood Flooring: $50

Pull up the carpet if you have and get ready to create a DIY wood flooring for a cottage feel. The two key components of this idea are wood and staining. If you have the planks already, nail them to the floor and get a high-quality good finish stain to give them that final appealing look.

Wood Flooring

68 of 120 A Custom Semi-DIY Shelving Unit: Under $250

A DIY project does not always mean starting from zero, as you can also save some cash by buying some ready-made components. You can, for example, buy some shelving units and add tasteful framing and trimming for a more expensive-looking and attractive shelving unit for your living room.

Custom Semi DIY Shelving Unit

69 of 120 Wallpaper the Walls: Under $100-150

Getting fine wallpaper to paper the walls is cheaper, and even more inexpensive if the walls are not expansive. You do not have to wallpaper all the walls, but the one that you feel deserves the treat mostly. Creating character in the open areas of the wall will help you to create instant character.

Wallpaper the Walls

70 of 120 Crisp Style Wall Treatment: Under $100

You can buy some ceiling medallions on Amazon and use them to spruce up your walls and the ceiling. They are a subtle yet great way of stylish wall treatment. They are also affordably available, and fixing them is easy using adhesive caulk.

Crisp Style Wall Treatment

71 of 120 Create A Window Seat: $100-150

You can also create a window seating and storage space without the need for more furniture. If you have an open space under the windows, you can design seats that fit the space and make them yourself. The space you create can also be used for sitting and storage spaces.

Window Seat

72 of 120 Add Some Silhouette Art: Under $50

You probably have seen creatively camouflaged TVs and other living room items. You too, can create such silhouette artwork. Start by photocopying images of the items you need to camouflage, tape the images to heavy black art paper, and then cut it with a crafts knife against the photocopied images. With spray adhesive, adhere the silhouette to a white mat board, and it's done.

Some Silhouette Art

73 of 120 Fresh Flowers: A Better Feel: $20

How about making your flower vase and have it full of fresh flowers? The fresher the flowers are, the better the life they bring to the living space. The flowers can be picked from your yard or bought from your neighbors if need be.

Fresh Flowers

74 of 120 DIY Pillow Covers: Under $20

If you have a yard of fabric that you do not use, you can make DIY pillow covers. The only spending that you may get to do is for the needles, threads, and buttons. If you have them, however, you need not spend even a dime.

DIY Pillow Covers

75 of 120 Make Decorative Trays: Under $10

If you have some old mirror or photo frames, you do not need to spend any coin to make decorative trays. You can transform the existing ones and repurpose them for functional and fashionable trays to place on the tables.

Decorative Trays

76 of 120 Transform Your Coffee Table into A Photo Gallery: Under $10

If you have a glass-topped coffee table, you can make it multifunctional. Turn it into a photo gallery by sticking photos below the glass for a functional yet new look. Other than the personal touch this will create, you will reduce the need for photo frames. Changing the photos is easy too.

Transform-Your-Coffee-Table into A Photo Gallery

77 of 120 Change the Knobs: $10-20

If changing the hardware in the living room is expensive, why not replace their components. Changing nightstand knobs is a low-cost venture yet will make the nightstands look as they are new. You can buy the knobs from Amazon or remove the ones from the furniture that you no longer use.

Change the Knobs

78 of 120 Talk of Some Hanging Plate Display: Under $10

Do you have some unused yet gorgeous set of plates lying in your kitchen cabinets? If you do, you can use them to uplift the looks of your living room by mounting them on the wall. You can explore some artwork (and check out ideas online) and apply it on an empty part of the wall.

Plate Display

79 of 120 Streamline the Screen: Under $50

Does your primetime viewing impede your style? You can fix a TV wall bracket or design a mount that will allow it to sit flat on the wall. Ensure to fix in a better way than it was.

Streamline the Screen

80 of 120 Design Chic Storage: Under $100

If your old shelving is boring, swap it with more decorative options. You may need to replace some of the old and rugged wood with new ones and then stain or paint them to your preference.

Design Chic Storage

Outdoor Remodeling Ideas

If your outdoor needs some little sprucing up too, check out these improvement ideas:

81 of 120 Start with A Flower Bed: $10

This is one of the cheapest landscaping ideas. You can buy flowers from a local retailer or get them for free from your neighbors and make a better flower bed.

Flower Bed

82 of 120 Patio Plants: $20-30

If the patios and deck are a little bit uninviting, you can furnish them with plants and uplift their appearance. The plants will help to soften the uncompromising lines of hardscape features.

Patio Plant

83 of 120 Trees for Patio Landscaping: Under $50

If you have some extra coin for trees, you can plant several for a better landscape. Select the right trees that will have intermediate height, avoid those with aggressive root systems, and ensure they are relatively clean.

Trees for Patio Landscaping

84 of 120 A Themed Garden: Under $50

Whether it is your favorite novel that inspires you or you want a shade garden, a themed garden is cheap, long lasting, and with furniture, it offers more elegance.

A Themed Garden

85 of 120 Built-in BBQ: $100-200

If you are a skilled DIYer, you can buy everything you need from a local home improvement store for this. Get some free lessons online, and with a whole weekend, this can be a worthy DIY backyard improvement idea.

Built in BBQ

86 of 120 Outdoor Fire Pit: $100-200

Again, you can get the resources that you need from a local home improvement store for an outdoor fire pit. If you need more lessons, you can get them online and with paving stones or bricks, you can make a good place for at-home date nights or gatherings.

Outdoor Fire Pit

87 of 120 Make A Pergola: Under $50

If you need to add an outdoor shade structure, you may want to think of a pergola. It is a simple DIY project too and will not cost you an arm either.

Make A Pergola

88 of 120 Extra Walkways: Under $50

You can add several pathways to the various areas of your yard as a DIYer. Indulge your guests with them and let them explore your outdoor gardens and spaces.

Extra Walkways

89 of 120 Landscape and Patio Lighting: $50

These lights (electric or solar) are out to make your night parties and dates even more inviting. Why not grab the lights and fix them yourself and wait for the evening to come to view the elegance firsthand?

Landscape and Patio Lighting

90 of 120 DIY Stepping Stones: $10

Stepping stones add to the landscaping design. They help to connect various walkways and are readily available and free in your garden.

DIY Stepping Stones

Basement Remodeling Ideas

Whether it is a room you use for storage, as a gym or separate living area, the basement can appreciate some remodeling ideas too, including:

91 of 120 Make Wooden Stairs to Replace Carpet ones: Under $100

If you have an ugly or worn-out carpet staircase, consider replacing it with a wooden one. With a little effort, you can transform the existing wood for a better appeal.

Wooden Stairs

92 of 120 Cover Pantry or Closets with A Barn Door: Under $100

You do not have to use an actual barn door. However, you can use an existing sliding door or make another, if you can, and fix it on the entrance. With sturdy wheels, metal rails, and wood, there is nothing stopping you.

Cover Pantry or Closets with A Barn Door

93 of 120 Obscure Open Wooden Ceiling with Dark Paint: $20-40

If the ceiling is partially furnished or unfurnished, you can cover the exposed ceiling with beautiful dark paint. It is a simple DIY project of spraying paint on the wooden slats yet fulfilling.

Obscure Open Wooden Ceiling with Dark Paint

94 of 120 Stain Any Uninviting Concrete Floor: $50-100

If the basement has some ugly-looking concrete floor, you can give it a better look too. This you can do by getting several cans of concrete stain and utilize the DIYer in you for its facelift.

Stain Any Uninviting Concrete

95 of 120 DIY Shelving Can Reduce Clutter: $60-100

People mostly use basements as storage areas. It is, therefore, usually like a clutter zone. If you need space for storing things like toys and your car items, you can make several shelving yourself over the weekend.

Common Rooms Improvement Ideas

Now that you have worked on the major areas, work on closets, stairs, hallways, and the foyer?

96 of 120 Paneled Vs. Plain Doors: Under $50

Plain doors appear cheap. Nevertheless, you can affordably replace them with paneled ones for added sophistication and warmth.

Paneled Vs. Plain Doors

97 of 120 Turning the Coat Closet into A Functional Nook: $100-200

This makeover will give you a convenient bench under the closet door too. It is both functional and elegant and will still leave you space for the coats.

Turning the Coat Closet into A Functional Nook

98 of 120 Create A Dutch Door: Under $50

If you have small kids and pets, a dutch door may help to control them. It will also help you to keep an eye on them across the other room.

Create A Dutch Door

99 of 120 Laundry Center Makeover: Under $100

To give the center a facelift, you can paint the room white and then add color and style to the plain concrete floor.

Laundry Center

100 of 120 Laundry Folding Station: $20

You do not have to take your laundry to the bedroom to fold them after ironing. You can design a folding station too with a counter-height table with 2x4 lumbers.

Laundr Folding Station

101 of 120 Make an Ironing Board: $50

If you don't have it already, you can make yours with unused timber, nails, and some clothes. A wall-mounted ironing board would be ideal.

Make an Ironing Board

102 of 120 Pull-Out Ironing Board: $50

Such a board is not only convenient but also helps you to save space when not in use. You can make yours too with free ideas from a simple Google search.

Pull-Out Ironing Board

103 of 120 Laundry Machine Makeover: $5

If the machines are visible, you can spend some hours making them look awesome. You can use electrical or sealing tapes and create stripes or dots around them to make them look great

Laundry Machine Makeover

104 of 120 Coral Cleaning Supplies Storage: $15

You can make a wheel-like storage plate for your cleaning supplies. With a spin of the wheel, you can pick your detergents and stain removers easily.

Coral Cleaning Supplies Storage

105 of 120 DIY Hanging Hooks: $20-30

If the existing hooks are not enough or appealing, you can give them a change. With more hooks, you will have increased the convenience factor of picking the right clothes and with ease.

DIY Hanging Hooks

106 of 120 Under Staircase Storage: $200-30

Even with a low budget, you can turn the area under your stairs into use. You can either buy pre-made features and do the fixing or make the shelves yourself.

Under Staircase Storage

107 of 120 Secret Nooks Under the Stairs: $50

If you designed a storage space underneath the stairs, you could make it into a little nook. If you paint it better, you can even make it look like a secret room.

Secret Nooks Under the Stairs

108 of 120 Add Frames to Light Switches: $20-30

For a touch up of light switches, you can add frames to them. Cheap frames can be bought from dollar, craft, or thrift stores and you can then paint them to match your switches then place them on top of the switches.

Add Frames to Light Switches

109 of 120 Install Brighter and Prettier Lights: Under $50

Light fixtures are a great improvement idea yet relatively cheap. You will also get to change the appearance of the room and its functionality with a brighter and prettier light selection.

Brighter and Prettier Lights

110 of 120 Make A Bookshelf Under the Staircase: Under $100

Isn’t this another great idea under $100? It is also a brilliant model that saves space and gets you extra storage for books and files. You can even paint it to match the staircase.

Bookshelf Under the Staircase

111 of 120 Replace Your HVAC Vent Grills: Under $100

These grills are not very pretty. However, they can be replaced, and you can do it with sections of patterned sheet metal and small amounts of wood for framing.

HVAC Vent Grills

112 of 120 Goodwill Chairs Changed to Designer: $10-15

For such chairs, you can rip the upholstery, keep the frame intact, and paint over the legs. With no special tools and a small budget, you can make them look, designer.

Goodwill Chairs Changed to Designer

113 of 120 Build Extra Platforms: $300-500

An extra platform in an open area can give you extra space. It is an ingenious way that can give you a study area, small nook, or kids’ play area.

extra platform

114 of 120 Vacuum Baseboard: $70

A vacuum slot in the bottom of a wall can be highly convenient. You can install one too if your room has a spot that collects excess dirt or pet hair.

Vacuum Baseboard

115 of 120 Professional-Looking Wall Art: $20

Buying art is expensive but painting yours is way cheaper. Under $20 and with simple taping and spray paint you can make yours if you can paint well.

Professional-Looking Wall Art

116 of 120 DIY Garage Shelves: $100-200

Over the weekend, you can free up some space in your main room by creating garage shelves. Since most garages have high ceilings, it would make for a good alternative for higher shelves.

Garage Shelves

117 of 120 DIY Rug: $40

A nice rug improves the looks and feel of a room. Since all the nice ones are costly, you can make yours with canvas drop cloth, rug gripper, patterned fabric, and tacky spray glue.


118 of 120 Make an Ottoman from Scratch: Under $100

You too, can make an ottoman that matches your room. Also, you can customize it to fit the room's shape and design, all at a lower cost.

Make an Ottoman from Scratch

119 of 120 Build A Sofa Table: Under $80

A sofa table is best behind a sofa. It is also versatile as it can be used anywhere. With a budget of under $80, you can custom-design and make yours too.

Build A Sofa Table

120 of 120 Making Sunburst Mirrors: Under $50

A DIY sunburst mirror with cheap materials is also a wonderful project to use your time on over the weekend.

Making Sunburst Mirrorsv

Tired of remodeling projects that are only possible for the rich? If so, the above 120 easy & affordable DIY home improvement projects and ideas are at your disposal. Not all of them may work for your home, but if any or all have worked for you after reading, go ahead and leave us your comment and share your experience.

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