Tips on How to Cut Memory Foam. Best way to cut memory foam


Memory foam is a comfy, versatile, and breathable material, making it a popular choice for bedding. Thanks to its versatility, you can cut it to size and fit your bed needs or conform to your body’s needs. For detailed steps on how to cut mattress foam, continue reading through the article.

You could be cutting memory foam to downsize it, split a king-size piece, or get your campervan custom mattress. Either way, with a sharp knife, a few other tools, and the tips below will help you out.

Things you will need;

  • Straight edge
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Kitchen or electric carving knife.

best way to cut memory foam

  1. Measure and Mark the Memory Foam

Start by removing the zip cover, slipcover, or any other lining on your memory foam. Most of them will come with an additional cover for protection, but it is easily removable by unzipping or pulling the cover off. If you get an extra cover beneath the upper one, you can cut it with a pair of scissors (if you do not intend to use it again).

cutting memory foam

  1. Determine the Cutting Dimensions

With a measuring tape, take the dimensions on the memory foam and add an extra 1/8 inch to cut along. If you need to know how to cut a memory foam mattress topper, you can measure the mattress too. If you are cutting it for a pillow, crosscheck the dimensions with those of your pillowcases.

With a permanent marker and the tape measure, mark the foam with dots on specific edges. This will help you to draw the right marking to cut to size memory foam. The dots may be all around the foam or along the corners provided they are in line with the first dot.

If the dots are accurately matching with each other, draw cut lines on the memory foam with an ordinary marker. If you have a straight edge, you can place it on top of the foam and ensure it crosses the marks you already made. Between the measurements, you can now use the permanent marker to draw lines between the measurements for an accurate cut.

can you cut memory foam

For more precise measurements and cuts, make the lines as thin but clear as possible. If you need to make curved lines, a round object as a stencil will help you with cutting memory foam with electric knife. A bowl or coffee can will come in handy in this case.

  1. Cutting Memory Foam with Electric Knife

Making the cuts is the process where preciseness is required. If you need to have a cleaner edge, cutting memory foam with electric knife is more advisable. An electric carving knife, also used for slicing through food can also be used for easily cutting memory foam.

Place the memory foam on a sturdy table or other flat surface and let the side you are cutting hang over the edge. Placing it on the edge will help you to avoid cutting or chipping the tabletop while cutting through the memory foam.

On the other side of the memory foam, place a heavy unmoving object on top. The object is supposed to help with holding the foam in place if it tips over the edge and to prevent the knife from straying off the cutting line. The object should be at least 4 – 5 inches (10 – 13 cm) from your drawn, cut line to prevent it from compressing the foam and misaligning the cut.

If you have experience cutting memory foam with electric knife, get it and plug it into a power source. Ensure to hold it with your dominant hand to avoid tripping off and causing accidents. As it is with other electric appliances, handle it with care and ensure your hands are not wet and that it is firmly plugged in.

Position the knife blade at a 90-degree angle to the edge that you will cut along for a smoother and straight cut. Ensure that the serrated edge of the knife is cutting the memory foam and is in line with the line that you drew.

If you do not have an electric knife, you can buy it from a kitchen supply store near you or online. Also, even though an electric one may give you the smoothest and precise cut, a serrated bread knife may work in the absence of the electric one.

cutting memory foam with electric knife

  1. Best Way to Cut Memory Foam

Turn on and guide the electric knife along the line that you drew previously on the foam. Make sure to slowly follow the line and maintain the knife at a perpendicular angle to the foam. This will help to avoid getting a crooked cut.

While cutting, avoid pushing or pressing the foam down as it would make deforming the foam easy and fast. It would also make the cut inaccurate or crooked. Continue pushing the electric or serrated knife through the foam along the drawn line until you are through cutting the entire length.

If you are using a serrated bread knife, sawing back and forth may be advisable for cleaner cuts. Any time that you need to pull the blade out of the foam, make sure that it is turned off. Also, always ensure that your fingers and knife cord are as far away as possible from the blade whenever it is running.

If the blade did not go through the memory foam, cut again, along the same line. Ensure to cut slowly to maintain a straight and accurate cut. If need be, you can use a straight edge along the line as you cut to guide your blade and keep the knife straight.


If it is your first time and do not know how to cut memory foam, you can read through different online resources. Also, always ensure to double check the measurements you made before making the cuts. A carpenter’s tape measure is a good tool to help you make the right cuts without straying.

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