Best Ratchets

Whether you work in the mechanical field or one that needs you to work on fasteners continually, a ratchet is your ideal tool. Designed to offer more convenience and efficiency over a basic wrench, it ensures a rotary or continuous motion of a nut or bolt and in one direction. When you have a demanding task to drive fasteners in your tools department, the following are some of the best ratchets that you can grab for it.

Best Cordless Ratchet Wrench

This model uses battery power to function and is an excellent choice and must-have for mechanics. Its design and size may come out as odd to most people, but the lack of a power cable or air hose makes it all convenient to use on and off the site. The major benefit of the cordless ratchet wrench is that it fits into the tightest spots.

The editor’s choice for the best cordless ratchet wrench is the Milwaukee 2457-21 3/8-in Cordless M12..., a tool with a 12-volt motor that provides 35 ft-lbs. of torque. This allows it to meet the project needs without extra effort. It also runs at a speed of up to 250RPM, thereby fitting the bill for any task you use it for.

Milwaukee 2457-21 3/8-in Cordless M12...
  • Powerful 12-volt motor: Delivers up to 35 ft-lbs of torque.
  • The kit includes one M12 battery, a 30-minute charger, and carrying case.
  • On-board fuel gauge: Helps you monitor the charge precisely for less downtime on the job.
  • Built-in LED light: Illuminates work surfaces in dark locations.
  • Superior fastening speed: Produces 250 RPM, with variable-speed trigger for greater control.

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Best 3/8 Ratchet

The 3/8 ratchet works best in spots where a conventional wrench cannot make a full rotary motion. As a mechanic or tools dealer who is always loosening or tightening bolts under the hood of small vehicles or in between tightly-connected parts, this is your ideal tool. With a varying number of teeth, ratcheting arcs with variable values for different nuts and bolts, and different lengths and head sizes, you can work your way around any spot and with ease.

The editor’s choice for this model is the TEKTON 3/8 Inch Drive x 9 Inch Swivel... that features a swivel head that rotates through a 270-degree angle. The angle range ensures the user can reach any nut or bolt and at virtually any angle. It also features 72 teeth, a 5-degree arc swing, and quick release drive tang, making it even more convenient for most tool enthusiasts.

TEKTON 3/8 Inch Drive x 9 Inch Swivel...
  • 270-degree swivel head lets you approach your work from any angle
  • 72-tooth gear produces a working swing arc of just 5 degrees
  • Quick-release drive tang locks securely on to sockets so they won't accidentally fall off
  • Comfortable molded handle with soft, nonslip grip

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Best Pneumatic Impact Wrench

As the name suggests, this wrench is powered by air pressure. When you are working on a heavy-duty project or have nuts and bolts that will not obey your hands, a pneumatic impact wrench is your ideal tool. As it produces enough torque, it is ideal for sturdy bolts and nuts or fastening machinery and tools that need more reinforcement to stay intact when they are fastened.

Our editor’s choice for this pneumatic model is the Ingersoll Rand 231C 1/2" Air Impact... The wrench produces 425 ft-lbs. and 600 ft-lbs. of forward and reverse torque, respectively. It also blows at a speed of up to 1,200RPM and a free speed of up to 8,000RPM. With a trigger actuation, 1/2" drive size, 1/4" air inlet, and a PSI of 90, this wrench is the ideal tool for heavy-duty bolts and nuts fastening tasks.

Ingersoll Rand 231C 1/2' Air Impact...
2,900 Reviews
Ingersoll Rand 231C 1/2" Air Impact...
  • Performance: Delivers a max. torque of 600 ft.-lbs. and offers enough power to install and remove stubborn bolts, lug nuts, and other hardy fasteners
  • Reliable Choice: Lightweight and easy to maintain, this impact wrench is a reliable choice for auto hobbyists and professional mechanics alike. Built to withstand harsh environments and repeated drops, this impact wrench won’t let you down
  • Adjustable Power: Its adjustable power regulator lets you easily adjust power output needed for your task at hand; The twin hammer mechanism helps ensure efficient performance with impressive rotational speeds of up to 8,000 rpm
  • Comfort and Control: At 7.3 inches in length and weighing only 5.8 lbs, it's compact, ergonomic design minimizes stress on your wrists and hands; The contoured handle makes it easy to carry and control
  • Ready to Use: For added convenience, this impact wrench arrives fully lubricated, so it's ready to use out of the box. Exclusive impact mechanism Pressure-feed lubrication

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Best Craftsman Mechanic's Tool Set

For any tool enthusiast, having them arranged intact and conveniently in a toolset helps them to save time when the need for one tool arises. It is also a convenient way of carrying them from one workstation to the other or to wherever one is required to work at, for example, for the case of a mechanic. With a collection of different tools from the smallest wrench to screwdrivers and extension bars, a mechanic need not a better plan for their workstations.

The Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set,... no doubt grabs the editor's choice position all thanks to its collection. With a total count of 230 different pieces, both in types and sizes, the toolset makes the work easier and minimizes movement to get a separate tool. This set has sockets, combination wrenches, extension bars, nut driver bits, ratchets, screwdrivers and screwdriver bits, and hex keys.

Craftsman 230-Piece Mechanics Tool Set,...
  • Universal joints and two extension bars
  • Tools are made of durable alloy steel with a silver finish
  • Six combination wrenches in standard and metric

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Things to Know When Buying A Ratchet

Just like any power or hand tool, buying a ratchet needs due diligence and enough research to ensure you settle for the right one. One miscalculation of the correlation between the tools you purchase and the project at hand may only lead to a waste of time and money. However, having the following things in mind may help to make the buying decision easy.

Power Source

Some ratchets use a geared driver while for others, their source of power may be different. Some ratchets may be pneumatic (powered by air pressure), while others may be battery-, or electric-powered. A gearless ratchet operates by way of a roller bearing, and they also require smaller movements to turn fasteners compared to their geared counterparts.


The size of a ratchet determines the spot it is to be used on as well as the size of the head of the nuts or bolts it is fastening or loosening. Usually, the sizes include 1/4”, 1/2”, and 3/8”, all meant for different socket sizes. While buying a ratchet, therefore, you should get the sizes of the nuts and bolts you will be working on to ensure you have the right size.


Most ratchets are designed to use various attachments and accessories, and it is the particular needs of your project that will help you to decide the type and number of accessories you will need. For example, most of them have an instant lock that helps to keep the fasteners intact and prevent them from falling off or sticking to the ratchet. Most of the ratchets also have a quick-release button that helps to disengage the lock.


It is also worth noting that all the ratchets are sold at different prevailing prices. The pricing is usually based on the type of the tool, accessories, and attachments sold with it, as well as the manufacturer. The basic thing is to remember that in most cases, you get what you pay for even though the pricing does not always determine the service of any tool.

The other things to consider include the shape and size of the handle. If your preference is having an all-steel handle, you can buy one made of steel that will also guarantee you durability. However, a steel handle may also be slippery most of the times, especially when your hands are oily or sweaty.

Conversely, you can buy a ratchet with a multi-material handle. Such a model ensures you are comfortable handling it. It is slip-resistant and also reduces fatigue.


Among the essential tools to have in a mechanical tool set is a ratchet. With the best ratchets, whether you are a heavy mechanical worker or a small-scale tools user, you can make work easier and delivered faster. It is, therefore, an advisable approach to do due diligence before buying one to ensure you get the right fit for your needs.

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